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6 Things to do This Spring

It's officially spring! Woo Hoo! That means warmer weather, new growth, and... muddy, gross, smelling trails.

I actually really struggle with spring. I live for summer, and I've learned to enjoy winter, so the in-between is tough for me. It's muddy, it smells bad, and it's kind of ugly, at least until the end, when the buds finally come out, and flowers grow. Yeah, spring, at least in Ontario, isn't magical. We don't get an immediate bloom of wildflowers or anything like that. Sure, the first couple of days when you can leave the house without a parka are really great. That feeling fades quick, though, and all that's left is the mud, stink, and half-melted snow until mid-May.

This year I am determined to not hate spring quite so much. SO for all my fellow spring haters out there, here are 6 things I think will make the season less miserable and maybe even enjoyable.

  1. Hammock with a good book and a coffee

Hammocking is one of my favourite things to do! There's nothing like cozying up with a good book and just being in nature. Add in some coffee, and it's basically the perfect activity. Especially for spring when the trails are too muddy to trek!

2. Pick a sunny day and go for a drive.

This is actually cathartic for me. The feeling of the windows down, sunglasses on, music blaring and iced coffee is absolutely unmatched. It's the perfect way to get some fresh air when the weather turns warm in the spring! Blast some Noah Kahan and FEEL.

3. Read up on the types of plants that are

growing in your area, and go find some!

There is so much growth this time of year, and sometimes we forget how cool that is! Do some research and see what you can find! Keep a journal and try to sketch the plants and signs of life you find. This year I'm going to look out for Fiddleheads and maybe try my hand at foraging! *Never eat anything you aren't absolutely sure of! It's unsafe!*

4. Once the ice is out, hit the water paddling!

I love love love paddling. Canoeing, kayaking, SUP - I love it all. So when the ice is out, you KNOW I'll be on the water. Paddling is great exercise and a good way to get outside! If you decide to go paddling always wear your PFD and tell someone where you're going! The weather may feel warm, but the water will still be freezing. Weather can also be unpredictable, so check the weather and stay local.

5. Later in the season, take in the flowers!

I know I said that Ontario doesn't get a massive burst of wildflowers, but at the end of spring, we do get a little something. In Toronto, you can go see the cherry blossoms which I haven't been able to do yet, but it sounds beautiful! There are also tulip festivals, wild orchids, and pick-your-own flower events all over, so do a quick google of your area and see what's going on!

6. Visit Point Pelee National Park for bird migration!

Okay, this one is for my bird watchers! This is the perfect spring activity for you. Pelee is home to so many birds at this time of year, and the national park is teaming with wildlife! Plus, when you go, you get to say you visited the most southern point of mainland Canada, which is also pretty cool.

Hopefully, this list helps you get outside this spring, and you find a little bit of joy before summer comes into full swing!

Happy exploring!

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