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How To Be a Good Adventurer: Part 1

So, you’re into the outdoors and adventuring. That’s amazing, and I am so excited for you! The outdoors is an incredible place, and there are so many awesome places for you to explore. Before you dive into it, do you know how to be a GOOD adventurer? Anyone can go outside and hike, explore, camp etc. But not everyone is a good one. There are very few ways to really be bad at it, like going off-trail all the time, not following leave no trace, not being safe, being rude to others, and not caring about the issues that impact the environment you're exploring. Well, I’m here to teach you all about what it means to be a good adventurer so that you can be an active advocate for the outdoorsy space. So, welcome to my 3 part series on being a good adventurer! I hope you learn something while you’re here!

The first thing we’re going to cover is safety. Being safe outdoors is a crucial first step to being a good adventure enthusiast.

Basic safety tips:

  • Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be back. Whether you are solo hiking or hiking with friends, this is so important! (this applies to camping, paddling, climbing or any other outdoorsy activity you might be into!)

  • Pack a first aid kit!

  • Know your ability. Don’t get yourself onto a trail that is going to be too challenging.

  • Research the area you’re going to explore. The more comfortable you are with the area, the less likely you are to get hurt!

  • Carry a personal safety alarm! This can deter animals and people. It can also alert others to where you are if you do get lost!

I am in no way an expert, however, these are some more activity-specific safety tips for things I have personally done! I want all my hiker and camper friends to feel safe and confident! This obviously is just an overview and I highly encourage you to go do some research for yourself that you do feel comfortable being safe outside!

Hiking safety tips:

  • Wear comfortable boots/shoes that fit you well! (No rolled ankles here!)

  • Stay on the trail! It’s so easy to get lost!

  • Bring lots of snacks and water (more than you think you’ll need!)

  • Grab a trail map if you can. These can be super helpful!

  • Look up weather conditions in the area.

  • Aim to be off the trail at least an hour and a half before sunset.

  • If you’re hiking in the winter make sure you layer up and take those layers off as you get warm so that you don’t sweat too much. Wet = cold!

  • Don't get too close to cliffs, or rocks that may be unstable!

Camping safety tips (front-country and backcountry):

  • Triple check all your gear before you leave. You don’t want to get stuck in the backcountry with a broken tent (like I did TWICE). It is not fun.

  • Do your research on the area you plan to be camping in.

  • Plan out your food and pack accordingly!

  • Plan for your ability. If you’re paddling in, hiking in, or just car camping, you need to be aware of what your ability is.

  • Research camping in the season you’re in. Winter camping is SO different from summer!

  • Look up weather reports for the area you’re camping in!

  • Be animal aware. Hang all your scented food to avoid an unwanted encounter.

  • Make a packing list and double-check you got everything you need with you!

This is just a simple overview of how to be safe outside. There is so much more for you to learn! Being safe outdoors is your first step to being a good adventurer. The next post will be about Leave No Trace and how to respect the land you’re exploring, so stay tuned!

Take care of yourself, friends and happy exploring!

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