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Hiking Franey Trail

Last month, I hiked a trail in Cape Breton Island that had been on my bucket list for a really long time. It was incredible and one of those views that you can't believe that you got to see. Franey Trail in Cape Breton Highlands NEEDS to be on your bucket list if it isn't already!

Trail Info:

7.4 km

310 - 1410 feet of elevation

rugged climbs, mountain views, ocean vistas

This trail HUMBLED me. It was a pretty tough climb, but it was so worth it.

We started out from the trailhead on a nice and easy trek through some Acadian forest. After about a kilometre of hiking, the trail starts to incline and doesn't stop until you're at the summit. We passed a cute little waterfall, where we cooled down a little before continuing our trek.

We passed a few viewpoints before coming to the main summit. There was only 1.5km of walking before hitting the first viewpoint. It was stunning, and our first glimpse at the gorge waiting for us! We stopped here for a much-needed water break and took in the views.

We reached the next viewpoint 20 minutes later and it was even more beautiful than the last! It offered some incredible views of the ocean and some lovely mountain views.

Pro tip: this viewpoint seems like the last one, but it's not! Follow the trail (that doesn't really look like the trail, but it's there) to the third and, in my opinion, best view. Here you had amazing views of the mountains and the full gorge!

This trail would be breathtaking during peak fall foliage, and I hope to make it back to Cape Breton for fall sometime!

If you go, you can't miss the Sky Line trail, or simply drive the Cabot Trail. If you're looking for a wicked fish and chips, there's a cute little food truck that has a really awesome one and is totally worth the stop! We stopped here for lunch after our hike, and it really hit the spot!

Happy hiking!

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