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Ontario's Big Three of Day Hiking

Being a hiker in Ontario means you hear about three trails in the province that are so amazing and bucket list worthy that you absolutely have to do them. Sure, this can be up for debate. There are SO MANY beautiful day hikes in Ontario. But the main three day hikes that I always see people coming back to are:

  • Cup and Saucer

  • The Crack

  • Top of the Giant

Having done all three of them, I can confirm they are all incredible and well worth it! Here's a little bit on each trail and what I loved most about them!

Cup and Saucer:

This trail is located on Manitoulin Island and is 5-12km long depending on the route that you take. There is also a portion of the trail dubbed "the Adventure Trail," and it's filled with crevices to crawl through and ladders to climb. I loved this trek and would do it again in a heartbeat! I would classify it as moderately challenging. The crevices and ladders add some technical hiking, which adds to the challenge!

Why it deserves its place among Ontario's Big Three:

  • Stunning Views over Manitoulin Island

  • The adventure trail portion!!!

  • Iconic 230-foot cliffs

The Crack:

This trail is arguably one of the most famous trails in Ontario. It is located in Killarney Provincial Park and is 6km in length. It is an out-and-back trail and is rated as strenuous by the park. I believe this is due to the rock scrambles that are required to reach the summit! At the top is a stunning view of the La Cloche mountains.

Why it deserves its place among Ontario's Big Three:

  • High-reward view of the La Cloche mountains

  • beautiful in all four seasons

  • Some of the most unique geology

Top of the Giant:

This is a big one. Hikers wear this trail like a badge of honour after completing it. The trail is over 20km long and HARD. But the views from the top make it oh-so worth it. It's definitely the hardest day hike I've ever done, but one of the most stunning.

Why it deserves its place among Ontario's Big Three:

  • Iconic views of Lake superior

  • some of the highest cliffs in Ontario

  • The trail is challenging and rewarding

What do you think of Ontario's big three? There's no shortage of beautiful day hiking here in Ontario, but there are the trails that never fail to make it onto people's bucket lists. They were certainly on mine!

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